Helping to improve the position of women and girls is one of the priorities in Finnish development policy

The goal of Finland’s development policy is to eradicate poverty and inequality and to promote sustainable development. Development policy also helps to find solutions to other global challenges, such as climate change.

We strive in all our activities to boost the resources of developing countries themselves so that they can become less dependent on development aid. Sustainable results can only be achieved by means of development that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Our action draws on the inherent values and underlying principles of the Nordic societies. One of the key goals in Finland's development policy is to uphold human rights. Finnish development policy strives to strengthen the rights of the most vulnerable, promote gender equality, and mitigate and be better prepared for climate change.

The number one priority in Finland’s development policy is to strengthen the rights and position of women and girls.  Finland’s experience proves that by improving the rights and opportunities of women and girls, the whole of society benefits and it becomes easier to achieve all other development objectives.

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